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Manjarabad Fort

Manjarabad Fort was raised by the Mysore ruler Tipu Sultan so as to set up a protective area. Standing tall at a height of 3,240 ft above ocean level this fort marks the strength of Tipu Sultan. It was perfect for this reason since it controls the courses in adjacent beachfront territories that could be utilized to get to the level past Sakleshpur.

The distance between Manjarabad Fort and Sakleshpur is about 5.3km.
Agni Gudda Hill

Agni Gudda or Parvat as might have guessed already means-Fiery Mountain for iconic volcanic activities in and around the region. The place has forever remained to be one of the most favorites amongst the Bangalore youths, for exciting outdoor camping and trekking Agni Gudda is situated in the Hassan district of Karnataka.

The distance between Agni Gudda and Sakleshpur bus stand is near about 10 km.
Belur / Halebidu

Beluru, on the other hand, is situated on the River Yagachi and as per the inscriptions explored; Beluru was also coined as Velapuri and is known as Dakshina Varanasi or South Banarasi, courtesy of its temples.

Halebidu which is also termed as Dwarasamudra or the gateway to the seas in age-old times is situated in the Hassan district. Halebidu was previously the capital of Hoysala Dynasty and generally means an old city.

Distance between Sakleshpur and Beluru: 36.2km
Distance between Sakleshpur and Halebidu: 52km
Bisle Ghat

Another interesting trek in Sakleshpur which is known as a difficult trek is a must try for the adventure seekers. The wild mountain wildernesses of Bisle (Bisilu) Ghat in Karnataka will take you on a captivating voyage into one of 18 of the world's most differing goals. This extends of thick backwoods is really a sight of how you would envision paradise to be. It is heaven. In the territorial dialect of Kannada, "bisle" means 'hot'.

The distance between Bisle View Point and Sakleshpur bus stand is about 61kms.
Ombattu Gudda Trekking

For those of you who are looking for some fun-filled trekking expedition than Ombattu Gudda Trekking is the perfect option for you. Out of the things to do in Sakleshpur, this is a favourite option for all. OG or Ombattu Gudda meaning Nine Hills in the local dialect, Kannada, is in actuality a mixture of 9 bumps which is in line shaping a mountain extend.

The distance between Ombattu Gudda Trekking and Sakleshpur is about 41.7km.
Manjehalli Waterfalls

The perfect and ideal time to reach Manjehalli waterfall is during the rainy months. Travellers and enthusiasts also get the chance and opportunity to get drenched in rain during this time. The waterfall is preferred and frequented by a hundred tourists round the year for its attractive cascading falls, which makes it the key features of the place.

The distance between Manjehalli waterfall and Sakleshpur bus stand is about 8 km.
Betta Byraveshwara Temple

Bettada Byraveshwara is one of the best places to see in Sakleshpur. It’s a 600 years old ancient and time-worn temple which is situated atop the hill and offers a mesmerizing view of the surrounding valleys. The place is clad with ample mystery and historical significance and was previously infamous for the amputation offerings and strange practices,It is located in the Mudigere region of Sakleshpur

Distance between bettada byraveshwara and Sakleshpur bus stand is near about 10 km.
Kukke Sri Subramanya Temple

A divine and holy Hindu temple situated in the hamlet of Subramanya, in the state of Karnataka, Kukke Subramanya Temple is dedicated to Lord Kartikeya who is worshipped as Subramanya-The Lord of All Serpents.

The distance between Kukke Subramanya temple and Sakleshpur is about 73.8km.
Ettina Bhuja

Interestingly, the classical name owes its origin to a keen resemblance with the ox’s shoulder. A comparatively short trek albeit with steep plains and hilltop, it still manages to provide enthusiasts with the rigor and stretch, which gives these groups a high of sorts.

Ettina Bhuja and Sakleshpur bus stand is near about 42 km

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